Our Process


We take the trust our customers place in us very seriously and we are committed to deliver the results which guarantee a project's success.

To do so we have created a very successful process plan that helps everything move smoothly and keeps communication clear.


1. Pre-Proposal

Understanding & Communicating What's Needed

• Review Architectural Plans
• Identify Categories of Needed Products & Services
• Choose Preferred Brands to Fit Category Needs
• Estimated Budget for Products & Services
• Review and Sign “Design Fee Agreement”


2. Discovery

Strategizing & Formulating a Plan

• Coalesce Team (Architect, GC, Interior Designer, Homeowner)
• Discuss Design Strategy
• Adhere to Budget
• Establish Preliminary Scope-of-Work
• Develop Timeline Strategy


3. Design

Creating & Documenting

• Create Designs and Spec Materials
• Submit Shop Drawings and Detailed Material Specifications
• Submit Detailed Costs & Place Orders
• Identify Building Permit Schedule
• Finalize Scope-of-Work


4. Implementation

Building & Ensuring

• Drive Logistics (landing what’s needed, when it’s needed)
• Control Quality & Inspection
• Adhere Timeline
• Deliver Completion (no loose ends)
• Accomplish Move-in Readiness


5. Post-Completion

Following-up The Job, after the job

• Button-up the unexpected
• Compliance of manufacturer warranties
• Lifetime partnership with TBS