Now On Display at The Gallery

Specialty cabinetry
In a special collaboration between Pamela Pennington Studios and Premier Custom Built Cabinetry, we are showcasing a specialty area with limitless options. It can expand to a full kitchen, bar, or lounge area. This bespoke space is a true reflection of custom details. The versatility of the elements showcases what the Premier line can achieve.

From the slide out countertop to lengthen the space, the leather inserts in the drawers, walnut slide out cutting boards, metal and walnut backsplash shelves, vertical interior lighting inside cabinets as well the Premier proprietary adjustable lit shelves, gold mesh glass doors, integrated handles in the solid wood doors, Dekton stone and black metal cabinet fronts, are just a few of the sublime details of this space. PPS created a work of art and infused this space with mood and a life of its own. We welcome you to come experience this space and see what Premier cabinetry can do for you!
La Cornue Chàteau range
transitional Kitchen
The goal for this Transitional Kitchen design was to help customers envision their dream kitchen: custom design and materials combined in one space. The look they admire, the quality they are looking for and the convenience of well-planned details which allow high performance will wow everyone.

When you have products as good as walnut, the only challenge is design. You should be very detail oriented and think about timeless features, because walnut is never going out of style and is destined to shine for many years to come. Based on this belief we decided to choose Transitional style and Keyline’s walnut cabinetry which has custom design capabilities.
Great room