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TBS Design Gallery has chosen to work with two companies in line with our standards of excellence and our firm belief in the importance of biophilic living — otherwise known as “design with the intention of connecting human beings with their natural surroundings.” Those companies are Renson and Premier Outdoor Cabinetry.
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Bay Area Outdoor Living Design

Are you ready to transform your backyard into a sleek and sophisticated space? At TBS Design Gallery, we’re the preferred choice for a luxury outdoor living space design company in the Bay Area.

Our talented team will help you envision a private oasis right in your own backyard, with fully custom design elements and modern features. Our outdoor structures and design services combine luxury and aesthetics with functionality and comfort. We can bring your ideas to life so you’ll get the most out of your space.  

Outdoor Design Trends

To help you customize your ideal outdoor retreat, our TBS lifestyle showroom features over 65 high-end brands, luxury home design products, and premium materials. Our passion is creating stunning design features with a flawless indoor-outdoor flow—and all the luxurious features our clients want.

At TBS Design Gallery, we specialize in designing biophilic outdoor living spaces. Biophilic living utilizes an organic style of design that seamlessly connects humans with the natural spaces surrounding them. We integrate nature and architecture to craft an outdoor space that will become your personal sanctuary. Our clients’ most popular outdoor home design trends include:

Luxury Renson Pergolas and Lounges

Renson is an industry-leading manufacturer of premium backyard structures, including pergolas. A popular model is the Renson Camargue Pergola, a single structure that features high-end materials, full personalization, and a minimalist aesthetic.

The Camargue features aluminum or Luce motorized louvers, which close noiselessly to keep your space water-tight and give it plenty of shade or sunlight. Set the mood and ambiance by choosing integrated louver lighting, perimeter lighting, or column lighting.

The Camargue also offers plenty of privacy with infill options like dropdown screens and fixed or sliding panels. Don’t forget accessories like remote controls and rain or wind sensors!

In addition to the pergola, your new backyard oasis can feature luxurious seating and sleek décor elements to create the perfect lounge space.  

Outdoor Kitchens and Custom Cabinetry

Outdoor kitchens are ultra-trendy, but our team takes it a step further and elevates the idea by adding luxe features like custom cabinets and beautiful accent lighting. We partner with Premier Outdoor Cabinetry, one of the biggest names in custom cabinets—and another company that aligns with our biophilic values.

Your new outdoor kitchen and dining area should have all the best features, including a grill, barbeque, pizza oven, refrigerator, sink, countertops, stove, and bar. With the addition of custom-designed cabinets from Premier Outdoor Cabinetry, you’ll never want to cook indoors again!  

California Room

The California room trend is here to stay. These “transition rooms” provide a year-round space for lounging or entertaining and feature an effortless flow from indoors to out. With two or more walls and open-air space, a California room is the ultimate embodiment of indoor-outdoor living and can feature elements like seating, dining, entertainment, and more.

The California room connects the outdoor structure to the existing house, creating a private retreat that doubles as a luxurious extension of your home’s indoor entertainment areas. These rooms feature lavish comfort and indoor amenities, but with the benefit of open air and a fresh breeze. Many of them feature retractable glass walls, heated floors, integrated lighting, ceiling fans, and motorized canvas screens or panels.  

Outdoor Entertainment Space

Another outdoor living design trend our Bay Area clients love is an open-air entertainment space. Start with outdoor structures like a stone overhang or luxury Renson pergola, and don’t forget seating and tables.

Next, add outdoor TVs you can neatly hide when they’re not in use. More luxury amenities include an outdoor bar, firepit, illuminated waterway or small koi pond, a wine wall with custom racks and refrigerator, or a brick pizza oven.

Finally, liven the space with decorative lighting fixtures, metallic finishes, and furnishings that have clean, sleek lines.  

What Function Will Your Structure Serve?

As one of the leading home design companies in the Bay Area, we know how important it is to have a precise and detailed plan during the construction of outdoor living spaces. The first question we ask clients who want to utilize our elite services is their general direction and intended function of their new space.

For example, what do you want the primary purpose of your new space to be? Will it be a relaxation zone for casual living and lounging? Do you want a high-end kitchen, dining area, and custom cabinets? How about a custom Renson pergola, outdoor bar, and seating for entertaining guests? Consider the functions you want and the necessary products and services you’ll need to bring your vision to life.

Pergola or Full Structure?

Outdoor structures form the focal point of every custom outdoor living space we build. The TBS Design team will help you determine which of our elegant architectural solutions will best suit your home with help from our partners at Renson.

As the industry’s most prominent manufacturer of outdoor structures, Renson’s products evoke a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that will elevate your backyard into a beautiful new living space. Available options include independent structures like pergolas, cantilevered overhangs, and minimal profile awnings that will blend seamlessly with your home.

Before you choose between an open-style pergola or a fully covered structure, consider the overall function of your outdoor living area. Don’t worry—our team of professional designers will help you decide which backyard design will cater to your needs and provide the comfort and functionality you want.

Outfitting Your Structure

After the TBS Design team helps you choose between an open-style Renson pergola or a covered backyard structure, it’s time to consider features and accessories. We specialize in creating sleek and sophisticated outdoor living spaces with state-of-the-art technology, modern design elements, and customizable accessories.

For example, our Renson Smart Pergolas offer:

  • a canvas sliding passageway
  • integrated sound and infrared heat bars
  • LED lighting
  • motorized dropdown shades
  • sliding privacy panels

You could also consider the Camargue Pergola, with motorized louvers, custom infills, rain and wind sensors, and more.

The sky is the limit! Visit our lifestyle showroom to see the quality and beauty of our products in person.

Caring for Your Outdoor Structure

After we finish building your new outdoor living space, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a lifetime partnership with us at TBS Design Gallery. We offer ongoing support services for our clients, ensuring their new space and outdoor structures last the test of time. Of course, homeowners should invest in regular maintenance and upkeep for their backyard structures to keep them in top condition.  

For Renson aluminum pergolas, use the Renson Maintenance Set twice yearly. It’s a two-step process, starting with Renson Clean to remove any buildup of dirt, grease, dust, or moss from screen fabrics. Then, follow with Renson Protect, an exclusive protective coating that ensures your pergola will stay immaculate year after year.

Even without a Renson pergola, we still recommend performing a deep clean on your outdoor structures every six months. For example, sweep away loose dirt or dust, apply protective coatings or sealant as necessary, wash non-permeable surfaces, and trim back foliage.

Enjoy a Luxurious New Outdoor Living Space with TBS Design Gallery

Are you ready to take advantage of our talented outdoor living design team? Transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis where you can relax, entertain and live your best life.

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