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We are proud to represent and offer you the highest products in the industry from the well known manufacturers across the United States and worldwide. 

TBS Design Gallery provides a collective space for designers and clients to share big ideas.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley our gallery is equipped with the newest products and technology from the design-build industry.

Serving as a creative hub for architects, interior designers, builders and clients Design Gallery is dedicated to provide resources and to assist everyone interested in the interior design, building, state of the art materials and latest technology.  Learn More →


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Our purpose is to create a cooperative working place for professionals and customers alike to be used as their "play ground" where they will have an exclusive hands-on experience of trying and choosing the best design-build products from the number one manufacturers across the country and worldwide. 

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If you're a designer, architect, interior designer, or builder wanting to be a part of our collective space and gallery or a customer for our partner's products, send us a message to let us know how we can work together.



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