Showroom Visit

What to expect from your showroom visit at TBS Design Gallery

Conference room at TBS Design Gallery

Conference room at TBS Design Gallery

We invite every customer to come to TBS Design Gallery and the response is: Why?

The reason is very simple. If you are building a new home or remodeling part of your house, you’ve taken time to do online research and have chosen to call us. This means you are serious about your project and deserve to be treated the same way.

We will dedicate time to listen to your needs and learn about your project, show you great product selection at TBS Design Gallery’s product library and answer many questions which we are sure you will have.

Taking time from your busy schedule and visiting our showroom for an hour is worth it. Considering that Gallery is open on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm you won’t even have to hassle with leaving work early or dealing with traffic.


Now What to Expect part!

Future interior designers visiting TBS Design Gallery

Future interior designers visiting TBS Design Gallery

Needless to say our showroom is a beautiful space where everyone feels at home. It is not a regular showroom full of product samples. It is created with you in mind. Building/remodeling is a very complex and time consuming process. For some homeowners, it’s a first-time project and can be very confusing. For other’s it’s a once in a lifetime project. For designers, architects and builders it’s yet another task and they have many challenges. So, here we are, in our beautiful showroom where everyone feels safe and supported from the very first moment they step inside. We will work with you every step of the way.


How do you make an appointment? (besides calling TBS office)

We make booking showroom visit very easy. In just about couple minutes you can choose available day and time and reserve space and professional consultation dedicated only to you. If you have not seen that feature on our website yet, go ahead and try it now.

Scheduling a showroom appointment in advance gives you the privilege of receiving a personal consultation, which is not always guaranteed for walk-ins. However, we do our best to deliver the best service and assistance to everyone who enters the TBS Design Gallery.

So, you have scheduled your visit or just walked-in to the gallery and what now? 

Left - TBS owner Mamuka Grigolia with one of our partner company representative.

Left - TBS owner Mamuka Grigolia with one of our partner company representative.

Now the fun part begins. You will be met with bright and smiley faces, welcoming you to TBS Design Gallery, offering you coffee/tea/water and snacks. If your visit was scheduled one of our product specialists will be ready to meet you, if not we will make decisions based on who is available. 

So, even if you don't have an appointment our product gallery is always open to visitors. Come in to see cabinetry, countertops, flooring and interior door samples. You will be able to explore and schedule an appointment with a specialist for another day. TBS is all about giving hands-on experience of touching and choosing high-end building products.

Meeting our product specialists gives you the opportunity to receive a free consultation and answers to your questions. During the appointment you’ll find out that windows are very tricky, come in different designs and the options for look and functionality are endless. Before exploring materials or colors you must learn about window types to find the best fit for your home. Or maybe you need a cabinetry specialist to give you advice about design capabilities, durability and warranty options. While you are exploring product samples you might discover something completely new that you had not thought about before. That’s the magic of the showroom experience. 

Did we convince you? 

We can’t wait to see you at the TBS Design Gallery, brew a delicious cup of coffee for you and discuss exciting ideas. 

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