May 26, 2023

What to Look for in Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for the leaders in luxury custom kitchen cabinetry? Look no further. Our professional designers have decades of experience designing custom cabinets for discerning clients.

Do you know what to look for in quality kitchen cabinets? The right cabinets not only need to store all your cookware, utensils, and platters but they must look good and have a sturdy build as well. TBS Design Gallery offers custom cabinet services with one of our talented kitchen designers; custom cabinets give you the freedom to choose colors, finishes, and designs without restriction. This liberty enables you to feature your personal style and have a custom kitchen you won't find anywhere else.

If you're looking for new cabinets, keep the following characteristics in mind. These are the top features to include when designing your custom kitchen cabinets.

Soft-Close Hinges

Most people tend to focus on the look of cabinet doors rather than how they function. In particular, the door hinges can make a huge difference in any kitchen cabinet. Look for soft-close hinges, as the name implies, they are gentle and close your cabinet doors softly.

This reduces wear and tear over time and protects your wall cabinets. You also won't have to hear cabinets slam shut since the hinge handles the strain and prevents harsh closure.

Soft-close hinges have a design that makes them adjustable in six different ways. This makes them superior for consistent use and leaves you with a strong and secure cabinet door.

Soft-Close Drawer Glide Systems

Your kitchen cabinet's doors and drawers should use soft-close materials. For drawer boxes, this means using an under-mount steel glide. Benefits of this glide system include:

Solid Wood Cabinet Box

Of all the things you should know before buying kitchen cabinets, determining the wood's quality is among the most important. High-quality kitchen cabinets feature an all-plywood construction, while cheaper stock cabinets may use particleboard. The materials give the kitchen cabinet boxes a similar look, but the differences between the two are significant.

Kitchen or bathroom cabinets that use pure plywood are much less susceptible to damage. The wood is much stronger, so you have high-end cabinets built to last. Particleboard, on the other hand, is prone to sagging over time and compromises your storage space.

Consider custom cabinets that feature all-plywood construction. If you opt for stock cabinets, look out for terms like medium-density fiberboard, engineered wood, and furniture board. These are alternative names for particleboard, and choosing any of them will impact your long-term cabinet quality.

Face Frames vs. Frameless Cabinets: Which Is Better?

When installing cabinetry, you can choose either face-framed cabinets or frameless ones. Framed kitchen cabinets have a solid hardwood frame surrounding the side panels and shelves, while frameless cabinets don't. But which one is better?

Framed cabinets are the ideal choice because they offer more stability for the hinges and drawer glides. A frameless cabinet, also known as a Euro cabinet, tends to use the less-durable particleboard.

You also have more design options with a framed cabinet. The thickness of the frame dictates the three main cabinet styles: partial overlay, full overlay, and inset. Cabinet doors with picture frame construction are usually cheaper to install, so you can't go wrong with this type of cabinet box.

Dovetail Drawer Boxes

The structure of your cabinet drawers is important. The intricate dovetail joint is what to look for in quality kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts. A low-quality cabinet drawer box may use staples to secure the sides together and start to sag with use.

Dovetail joints bring the two sides of the box together with plywood teeth that interlock. Your structure will be strong and ready for everyday use with this type of joint.

Fully Assembled Cabinets

One of the most important things to look for in quality kitchen cabinets is the type of assembly they require. You should always opt for specialty cabinets that come fully assembled from the factory. RTA cabinets, or ready-to-assemble cabinets, leave you with a big pile of materials that you have to piece together.

RTA cabinets come at a lower cost, but they often end up being low-quality cabinets. Although you might save money by opting for this design, assembly can be a time-consuming hassle. Make it easy on yourself by choosing premium cabinets from TBS Design Gallery that comes fully assembled.

Lifetime Warranty

Whether you're in search of built-in wine racks, base cabinets, or more, always look for a lifetime warranty. Painted cabinets and flat panel doors may look great on the surface, but if they don't use the recommended kitchen cabinet materials, they won't last long. A lifetime manufacturer's warranty is the staple of excellent kitchen cabinets.

Don't Settle for Stock or Semi-Custom Cabinets. Create a Custom Finish Today

Now that you know what to look for in quality kitchen cabinets, let the talented experts at TBS Design Gallery complete your home's design. We create pieces that fit your personality using sturdy materials, clean finishes, and timeless kitchen cabinet colors.

Reach out to our designers today by calling 650-416-8888. We look forward to bringing your vision to life and supplying you with the best quality kitchen cabinets.

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