July 29, 2023


TBS Design Gallery is proud to announce that we now offer our clients the LAURAMERONI Design Collection of architectural elements and artistic furnishings. Handcrafted in Brianaza and Lake Como, Italy, this extraordinary collection combines tradition and originality, producing sleek designs that bring a unique style to your space.

LAURAMERONI divides its production into two areas: Architecture and Art and Design.

Architecture includes an exclusive range of boiserie panels, doors, wardrobes, shelving, room dividers, and even kitchen components, which all can be combined to create integrated, customized, and tailor-made spaces. The Art and Design side of the collection includes freestanding furniture, sofas, poufs and armchairs, limited edition artistic sideboards, and lighting for residences and offices.

LAURAMERONI pieces are functional works of art, using high-end finishes like wenge wood, copper, leather, glass, and more in innovative applications. The founder has married the best of modern Italian design and old world skill to her company since 1999.

“The ability of craftsmen from the Brianza area has fascinated me from a young age,” says Laura Meroni. “Over time, this craftsmanship has evolved and developed into industrial production. I wanted to invite the architects to rediscover and exploit the unique skills of our master craftsmen. To create products, using the most sophisticated equipment and the finest materials, designed for ambitious and refined people looking for products in which differentiation and uniqueness prevail.”

TBS Design Gallery features the full range of LAURAMERONI products, from the bold statement intarsia console pieces in the Art Collection to clean-lined sofas in the Office line. The made-to-measure pieces bring a new level of sophistication to any space.

Art Collection

In the limited edition furniture of the Art Collection, high-style case pieces dramatically and elegantly showcase the ancient art of inlay. These numbered pieces, signed and certified by artists and artisans, fuse high design with contemporary luxury.

Furniture, Tables, Sofas

From organic, curvilinear shapes to strong angles, the sideboards, consoles, chairs, and sofas from LAURAMERONI bring personality to any space. Bringing in a sculptural yet functional piece can pull together an entire room. The tables alone create a statement in metal, glass, marble, and wood. A signature piece, The Drape Sofa by Bartoli Design, generously wrapped in leather or velvet, is available in two dimensions and with a memory foam seat. The irregular pleating creates a casual, luxurious look that pairs well with modern and classic furnishings.

Day and Night Systems 

The range of LAURAMERONI furnishings covers all home - or office spaces. Their Day Systems features bookcases and modular shelving for elegant storage or display. For example, the Onda Collection by Paolo Rizzatto is a wood cabinet system with Onda carving available in different size modules, several wood finishes, and aniline-stained oak in all RAL colors. The system is available with horizontal and vertical carving. The system can be combined with integrated wall panels, doors, open compartments, or LED lighting.

The Night System focuses on closets, wardrobes, beds, and accessories for contemporary and luxurious bedrooms. Wood species include Walnut Canaletto, Oak, Teak, Rosewood, Mahogany, Wenge, and Ebony.

From wood to marble and metal to glass, the collection’s bedside tables reflect wisely combined materials and the exceptional skill of artisans, who transform every product into a unique and refined piece.

Doors and Wall Panels 

Every element of a client’s space can be designed with the LAURAMERONI aesthetic, including doors and wall panels. Pivot, swing, and slide doors are made to measure in metals and precious woods. Wall panels can coordinate with door materials and elegantly divide a large room. Metal finishes include Black Iron "Cenere,” Polished Steel, Burnished Copper, Satin Copper, Burnished Brass, and Satin Brass.


The LAURAMERONI kitchen offers unparalleled luxury. The Bellagio Kitchen is uniquely luxurious, with marble, glass, precious woods, and metals designed in the LAURAMERONI style. It’s a customizable, modular solution in materials, finishes, components, and accessories, providing an entirely made-to-measure space.

While the base modules offer various storage solutions, the wall units have a distinctive edge detail and double thickness. Elegant LED-lit plexiglass display cases and exclusive shelves for wine storage complete the luxury vision.


LAURAMERONI furnishings for workspaces are as elegant as their residential pieces. Their Office collection includes wall panels, doors, freestanding furniture, and lighting systems designed to bring luxury to office environments through precious materials in the most modern technologies.

Among the luxurious offerings for desks, LAURAMERONI features elegant seating options. The Orchestra System is a modular design of coordinated upholstered furniture in leather (nubuck, savanna, cloud, Montana) or velvet, with wooden bases or metal legs. It brings unostentatious luxury to any space, including the office.


LAURAMERONI floor lamps, pendants, spotlights, table lamps, and sconces in halogen and LED offer true artistry in metal, including copper and brass, worked by hand. In the Elements Collection by Mauro Fabbro, the Novecentotrenta table lamp is like "small architecture" for tables; its simple design and articulated volume are a tribute to the avant-garde style of the 1930s. Goat parchment covers a diffuser set on a metal base.

Customization sets LAURAMERONI apart. They say it best: “The infinite customization offered by our products, from the integrated wall panels and doors to the day and night systems, from the sideboards and drawer units to the tables and sofas, can furnish any space with precision.”

Contact TBS Design Gallery to discuss how the exquisite artistry and quality of the LAURAMERONI Design Collection could transform your home.

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July 29, 2023
TBS Design Gallery is proud to announce we are now carrying the Laura Meroni collection. Where luxury and function meet to deliver quality that you'll love.
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