July 28, 2023

How an Outdoor California Room Can Add Luxury to Your Living Space

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An outdoor California room offers homeowners the dual benefits of indoor and outdoor living in one open-air space. Achieving the right look for this intimate space requires qualified outdoor living contractors who can emulate the ideal Southern California style.

Read below to learn more about California rooms, their distinct features, and their many advantages. This guide can help you decide if a California room design is ideal for your house.

What Are California Rooms?

Before diving into the benefits of an outdoor California room, we must first answer one important question: what are California rooms?

In simple terms, a California room is an indoor-outdoor living space. Despite its Golden State name, the style has roots in Southern Europe and continues to grow in popularity.

Unlike a sunroom, which is fully enclosed by windows, a California room has an open-air design. It consists of three walls and a roof, making it the ultimate embodiment of indoor-outdoor living.

The California room design also slightly differs from a Hawaiian lanai. The typical lanai has open walls, comfortable seating, and one or more ceiling fans overhead. A California room takes this a step further by turning an underutilized space into a luxury escape.

Benefits of an Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

California rooms are unique because they can fit any mold you desire. For example, they can function as a family room, a relaxing space to enjoy a fire pit, or a dining haven with a more alfresco setting. Whatever vision you have for your outdoor space, our experts at TBS Design Gallery can bring it to life.

One of the main benefits is the combination of spaces. You'll have full access to indoor comforts like electricity, shelter, and even a fireplace. At the same time, a California room also allows a flow of fresh air far beyond opening windows.

If you like to entertain but your house has limited space, a California room is the answer. Your guests can have easy access to any room inside the house but can just as easily head outdoors to utilize extra space.

Unlike an open patio or yard, a California room is an outdoor space you can use in all types of weather thanks to its roof. You won't need to take a rain check on a barbecue or outdoor party with this popular feature. A California room provides versatility and comfort no matter how you intend to use it.

How to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Prepare to bask in the fresh air and spend plenty of time in the great outdoors. Incorporating the right design finishes can help you get the most style and function from outdoor living spaces.

Pay attention to temperature control methods. After all, you don't want to spend time outdoors if you won't be comfortable. We recommend installing a ceiling fan to promote airflow and keep the space cool during the summer.

During colder months, fire pits help warm the space. You can also add a fireplace as a standout design feature. Be sure to place chairs around these heating elements to create an inviting feel.

Let your California room enhance existing outdoor features. For example, if you have a pool in your yard, an outdoor California room can create an aquatic paradise complete with lounge chairs and comfortable finishes.

Our design experts at TBS Design Gallery can help build the perfect outdoor room with specialty lighting and fixtures. The ideal California room should be one that you are excited to spend time in year-round.

Outdoor Kitchens: Furnish Them Correctly

Adding an outdoor kitchen is not only a great way to add value to your house, but it establishes the perfect setting for outdoor dining and entertaining. Before bringing your kitchen outdoors, it's important to give it the proper design concept.

You have cabinets for storage indoors, and the same should be true outdoors. Install cabinetry along two or more walls for easy storage of dining utensils, glasses, and dinnerware. Be sure to allow enough space between the entryway and dining set to establish a good flow.

Once you fully furnish your outdoor kitchen, your house will be the envy of others.

Is a California Room Worth It?

The idea of combining indoor and outdoor spaces may seem intimidating and leave you preferring a sunroom or porch. However, upgrading your home to have an outdoor California room is a worthwhile investment.

Regardless of your square footage, your home's value exponentially increases once you combine outdoor and indoor spaces. The value will further increase by incorporating an eco-friendly zero net carbon home design with the help of TBS Design Gallery.

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