June 15, 2023

Why You Should Add a Patio Overhang to Your Outdoor Space

There's nothing better than spending time outside on your deck or patio. But bugs, inclement weather, and other factors can keep you from enjoying your outdoor areas. The outdoor living design experts at TBS Gallery recommend adding a patio overhang to get the most out of your space.

Discover all the benefits of a covered patio, and get ready to turn your Bay Area backyard into a lush haven.

Patio Covers Provide Shade

When the sun hits your backyard, it can quickly take a toll on you and your landscaping. Adding shade structures like a canopy or pergola offers UV protection to keep your skin safe. It also protects vulnerable plants in your garden that only need partial light.

The harsh sun can quickly fade any outdoor furniture, so creating a covered patio will uphold the quality of cushioned chairs, lounges, and benches.

Patio shade structures provide shade and beauty when designed with the right materials. Consider a gorgeous chunky finished wood ceiling with a ceiling fan and skylights.

There Are Countless Patio Cover Options

There are so many chic ways to design a covered patio that you're sure to find one that suits your landscaping and backyard design. If you want an outdoor structure with a roof, consider installing a spacious gazebo, a California room, or a pergola.

Reach out to our design professionals to discuss your ideas and vision. We'll create a design using the most popular types of materials that enhance your outdoor space according to your needs.

Choose From a Wide Selection of Outdoor Fabric

Not sure if a deck roof or other wood structure is the right solution for your house? Consider covers that use fabric, such as awnings and canopies. Choose a weather-resistant fabric that fits the color scheme of your house for a consistent home design. Fabric adds an element of texture and softens large structures.

The fabric helps make your space feel more cozy and inviting. By going this route, you can create an environment that is perfect for entertaining.

Enjoy a More Functional Outdoor Living Space

Imagine your backyard is full of friends and family for a barbecue. Nothing ruins the fun faster than a sudden rainstorm that forces the crowd inside. Having a patio cover above your seating area makes it easy to entertain, no matter what the elements have in store.

A canopy or extended roof makes it possible to enjoy your outdoor dining area in all weather conditions. Your space will be much more functional when you don't have to check the forecast before making plans.

Covered Patios Save Money

Did you know that a patio cover can make your home more energy-efficient? Since canopies, pergolas, and similar structures shade a large area of your house, the sun's rays won't have as much of an effect. Your air conditioner won't need to work as hard to cool the space down, and you'll pay less in energy costs.

Depending on the type of patio overhang you select, you may be able to add ceiling fans to the structure to promote further cooling.

Patio Covers Are Customizable

Is a pool the main feature of your yard? Create a tropical paradise by installing a cabana for relaxing shade and when you want to kick back with a book.

Does your home have more of a rustic vibe? Wood pergolas are a great way to cover a portion of your yard. You can add to the aesthetic with simple decor ideas like hanging lights, outdoor trees, and some luxury furniture with oversized pillows.

Highlight your home's existing features with a patio cover that you can customize to your liking. Our design experts can give you tips on how to create the perfect living space in your own backyard.

Increase Your Property Value

For many homebuyers, the outside features are just as important as the interior. They are looking for a home with a balance of natural light and shade, as well as an entertainment or relaxation hub. A covered patio or deck offers all of this and makes your home a hot commodity.

Schedule a Design Consultation Today

Start Planning Your Patio Cover

Are you ready to enhance your outdoor space with a patio overhang? Reach out to the talented team at TBS Design Gallery. We supply patio covers and overhangs from leading manufacturers. We can equip your home with Renson outdoor structures, among other reputable brands.

Take the first step by calling our experts for a design consultation, and in no time, you'll have an outdoor area you'll never want to leave. Call 650-416-8888 to learn more.

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