April 5, 2022

Camargue Outdoor Aluminum Pergola Structure by Renson

The Camargue outdoor pergola structure is one of Renson's marquee product offerings due to the ability to personalize the structure to fit your outdoor living needs. Beyond the impressive maximum dimension size of approximately 15' x 20' x 10' for a single independent structure, Renson also offers 100+ RAL colors, including Matte, Gloss, and Textured powder coating options. Beyond the structure framework itself, you can also select from multiple lighting programs, infill options like dropdown screens or sliding panels, and accessories. Learn more below as we break down the Camargue outdoor pergola structure.

Camargue Structure shown with a dropdown screen and Wooddesign infills.


When we talk about the body of each structure, we will always ask you about the desired dimensions of the span, pivot, and height. The span is our width dimension. Due to the structural integrity of the aluminum louvers, our maximum span is approximately 14'. For the pivot (length), we can get to about 20' in size without any infills. The height is roughly 10' tall for an independent structure.

The three most common size requests for the Camargue structure are as follows.
10' span x 10' pivot x 10' height (smallest size structure)
15' span x 15' pivot x 10' height
15' span x 20' pivot x 10' height (largest single independent structure)

Renson does offer the ability to group or couple multiple structures together to increase the overall length of the pivot. These installation types typically share a support column to maximize the open floorplan below.


When it comes to operable or motorized louvers, Renson has developed high-quality extruded aluminum louvers that are water-tight and make zero noise upon closing. In regards to design, Renson offers three louver options when designing your outdoor pergola.

Motorized aluminum louver detail view.

Motorized Operable Louvers
The motorized operable louvers are offered in a couple of finish options. You can match the louver color to the structure body or select a contrast Bicolor that fits your design aesthetic. There is an option apply the Wooddesign wood grain texture to the operable louvers.

Motorized aluminum louvers shown in an open position.

Fixed Louvers
The fixed panels offer the ability to mount a ceiling fan, light fixture, and or projector. The fixed louver can hold up to 25 pounds of a third-party product.

Fixed louver with attached ceiling fan by others and can hold up to 25 lbs.

Luce Louvers
The Luce panels are glass louver inserts that allow the natural light into the structure. You can have up to five consecutive Luce louvers; however, the Luce louvers cannot be the first or last louver placed within the structure.

Luce louvers show grouped in the center with integrated louver lighting, column lights, Wooddesign fixed panel, and dropdown privacy shades.


Renson offers the Camargue structure in 100+ RAL colors in Matte, Gloss, or Textured finishes. The powder coating is also Seaside, Quality A-rated, which is great for coastal installations in Hawaii, Carmel, and up the Sonoma Coastline. Textured finishes are defaulted into the standard pricing, whereas Matte or Gloss finishes have a minimal upcharge.

Top 20 RAL Colors shown.


Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood in an outdoor structure environment. With Renson, you can select from integrated louver lighting, perimeter lighting, and the ability to add lights along with all four columns. All three LED lighting options come in Warm (3000K), Cool (5000K), or RGB colors for a party vibe. All lighting is dimmable.

Integrated Louver Lighting
With the integrated louver lighting, these LED fixtures sit recessed within the louver, and you can select a maximum of three fixtures per structure. It's important to note that the light source will move with it as the louvers rotate.

Integrated louver lighting in a closed position.

The perimeter lighting provides more ambient lighting around the structure. You can select the perimeter lighting along the pivot only, span only, or all four sides. Please remember that some configurations with heater, soundbar, and infill options will limit perimeter lighting applications.

Perimeter lighting shown on the pivot side.

Column Lights
Place vertical lighting along a single column or all four columns.

Column lights shown in a coupled installation on the four exterior posts.


Whether you're looking to design a private poolside cabana, al fresco dining experience, or an outdoor lounge area, there are plenty of Renson infill options to design with.

Provide the maximum amount of shade with vinyl dropdown screens. These screens are discreetly housed in the structure body and completely disappear when not in use.

Dropdown screen fully extended to floor for maximum privacy.

Another popular infill option is fixed or sliding panels. The panels can match the structure's RAL body color or be a contrast color. To warm up the structure design, you can select three Wooddesign colors; White Oak, Natural Oak, or Walnut. The Wooddesign options are Colorfast powder coating with a wood grain texture. Wooddesign louvers can be in a fixed position or can be operable for complete privacy. There is a natural wood finish in Ash.

Sliding panels in a Wooddesign finish that are paired with a dropdown screen.

Sliding glass panels are also available for those looking to create an outdoor experience without completely closing off the view.

A Camargue structure attached to the home with sliding glass panels.

Renson has an integrated drapery program with limited design selections. Renson does not fabricate drapery to specification. For those looking for a COM fabric solution, we advise fabricating locally and attaching your 3rd party track post-installation.

Drapery installation shown in the Earth Oasis Design Style Collection.


By default, we always add the rain and wind sensor, remote controls, and "protecto" louver protection panel accessories with Renson projects. Additional accessories include the heat and soundbar with Bluetooth amplification. The heat and soundbar accessories can be located on the pivot or span. Please remember that there are location limitations based on the lighting program and infill selections. 3rd party heaters and sound can be added to the structure post-installation in specific locations that won't compromise the water drainage channels.

Heat and Soundbar installation concept.

TBS Design Gallery is the exclusive dealer of Renson Outdoor Pergola Structures throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We service projects from Carmel up to Wine Country in Napa and Sonoma counties.

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