August 31, 2021

Cosentino launches the Ethereal Collection

Cosentino recently launched their new Ethereal Collection as an expansion of the existing Eternal Collection. Beyond a beautiful solid surface material, this new collection of four designs also features Cosentino's HYBRIQ+ Technology.

What is HYBRIQ+ technology?
Essentially, Cosentino is going green. The Ethereal Collection is made using 100% renewable energy, 100% reused water and includes a minimum of 20% recycled materials.

Four New Designs
As experts in solid surface materials, we are very excited about the four new designs in the new collection. The most common ask from consumers is marble-like quartz that doesn't appear engineered. Cosentino didn't disappoint here as all of the designs showcase subtle veining and depth that can be found in other natural stone materials.

Ethereal Glow

Our personal favorite is the Ethereal Glow, as it features a light-colored body with a mix of greys, blues, and gold. The stone has more subtle notes of Calacatta Gold without the strong color contrast as others currently available in the market. 

Ethereal Noctis

The design of Ethereal Noctis has a bit more of the black and grey colors but with less dramatic shifts in the veining. For us, this is a great choice for modern or contemporary kitchens. It can be paired well with neutral cabinets or more bold designs featuring a lot of color.

Ethereal Haze

For those looking for more pronounced veining and high contrast, the Ethereal Haze design is a perfect selection. The gray gradients and vein movement are going to add a lot of drama to the room.

Ethereal Dusk

In the past, color in the kitchen has mostly come from the tile or cabinetry. With Ethereal Dusk, there are hints of blue tones in the veins that help elevate the environment.

All four new designs in the Ethereal Collection, included with the innovative HYBRIQ+ technology, are available in Jumbo Slabs in the 1.2cm, 2cm, and 3cm thickness. And as always, Cosentino materials are high scratch, stain, high impact, and high acid-resistant. Which makes them a smart choice in not only sustainability but also durability.

Stay tuned for our new operable display featuring Ethereal Glow in our soon-to-be-completed expansion Gallery.

Want to see samples of the new Ethereal Collection or other offerings by Cosentino/Dekton?

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