December 23, 2022

How Cabinet Form and Function Impact Your Custom Kitchen Design

TBS Design Gallery, a custom cabinet maker in Santa Clara, CA, creates and installs custom kitchen cabinets and drawers for discerning customers. Our custom kitchen cabinets will help you create a cohesive look for your kitchen and coordinate your kitchen interior design scheme with other rooms in your house.

Types of Custom Cabinets

Effective kitchen designs bring together different cabinets to use space efficiently and with style. This article will consider the impacts of cabinets on custom kitchen design.

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets are a convenient way to get more storage space for a cramped or small kitchen. Include extra-tall cabinetry for large equipment or use smaller shelves to add elements that handle multiple functions, such as a spice cabinet, silverware drawer, or bread box.

Base Cabinets Underneath Islands or Countertops

Custom shelving, drawer, and cabinet layouts increase design functionality by repurposing irregular space.

In larger kitchens, your design should make good use of custom kitchen cabinets that integrate cabinet space with countertops and appliances so you don’t have to move frequently from one part of the kitchen to another as you cook.

Cutlery Cabinets

Rather than buying a cutlery cabinet and hoping your set of knives will fit, design a custom cabinet that gives you space for each piece of cutlery and puts it right where you need it.

Pantry Cabinets

For extra storage space, add cabinets to an unused wall as a pantry. Add hardware for mounting bins and racks that you can rearrange to suit changing needs.

Functionality and Accessibility

A sound kitchen design should make your kitchen easy for anyone to use.


Many homeowners need custom cabinets because stock cabinets don’t have the necessary dimensions. With custom cabinets, you can tailor the height of the shelves to optimize storage.

Custom Layouts and Dimensions

You won’t have to bother with step stools or contort yourself into odd positions to reach everything with the innovative storage solutions at TBS Design Gallery. Most kitchens, for example, do not use space efficiently for people who use wheelchairs or are taller or shorter than average. Customization offers the following possibilities (and more):

At TBS Design Gallery, we work with customers who want open floor plan layouts and customers who want to fill every inch of available space with cabinets, drawers, and more.

Colors and Styles

The best cabinet design should blend style and substance. Kitchen cabinets can be the highlight of the design scheme. In open-concept layouts, customized cabinets can accentuate design motifs from the living area and other rooms in the house.

The right choice of wood, paint, and ornamentation makes the difference between ordinary kitchen cabinets and an extraordinary layout.

If you need kitchen cabinetry with just the right shade of wood to match a specific kitchen style, TBS Design Gallery can help. Our suppliers provide domestic hardwoods in various shades and colors, with many patterns and decorative elements.


The proper building material can heighten the impact of cabinets on custom kitchen design. TBS Design Gallery sources high-quality materials for all their cabinets, including materials you cannot get in off-the-shelf models. We obtain custom cabinets with materials you might not find in a typical big-box store.

For high-traffic kitchens and other rooms, many of our customers opt for longer-lasting cabinets with reinforced shelves and scratch-resistant surfaces.

Specialized Storage

Do you need cabinets to handle unusual environmental conditions, security concerns, and other factors? We can create custom cabinetry dedicated to:

Custom Hardware

We offer custom hardware such as hinges, mounting brackets, magnets to keep doors in place, outlets, and other custom additions to your cabinets.

Found and Reclaimed Materials

An effective way to incorporate your memories into your custom cabinetry is to use reclaimed materials. Use wood, glass, or tile from a family home to add a traditional feel to your kitchen style.

Using Stock Cabinets

You can expedite your home remodeling projects by incorporating stock kitchen cabinets into your design.

Many kitchens have a custom feature, such as island cabinetry or a unique arrangement of cabinets. However, they use stock cabinets for other parts of the room that are not central to the design scheme.

If stock cabinets aren’t exactly what you need for your custom kitchen design, consider ordering semi-custom kitchen cabinets. Semi-custom cabinets start with stock cabinetry but achieve a unique effect through additional custom elements.

Choose TBS Design Gallery for Professionally Designed and Installed Custom Cabinets

At TBS Design Gallery, we see every cabinet remodel as a chance to help homeowners achieve their dreams. We consider every design project from different angles, including the impact of cabinets on custom kitchen design and other factors.

Call TBS Design Gallery at (650) 416-8888. Explore the many kitchen cabinets by brands such as Renson and Premier Custom Cabinets. Talk to an expert in custom cabinets to learn more about premier custom cabinetry and weigh the benefits of custom, stock, and semi-custom cabinets.

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