December 7, 2022

Interior Door Design: How It Impacts Your Home

TBS Design Gallery provides custom interior doors with the top luxury door brands in the market.

Many factors contribute to having a beautiful living space that fits your aesthetic. One particular detail is your home’s interior doors for room entry, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and your office. Common materials for interior doors include wood and glass, but customization is possible to complement your interior design.

TBS Design Gallery designs custom windows and doors for homeowners throughout the entire Bay Area. Our mission is to enhance rooms with beautiful and functional doors that match each client’s preferences and aesthetics.

Get inspired by interior door styles and find the best interior door type for your home by learning how the design impacts your overall home look. (I tried changing word “design” so there weren’t repetitions of the same word)

Interior Door Type

Your home’s glass or wood doors can fall into one of many categories or combinations of your choice: pre-hung, slab, bypass, pocket, bi-fold, and barn. If you’re replacing a door and want to use the existing frame, you will need a slab door. wHowever, you could choose a complete pre-hung door with a wood frame and matching hinges for easy installation.

Bi-fold and barn doors open differently than the traditional slab and pre-hung doors, which swivel outward to the left or right on a hinge. A bi-fold door folds in or out to save space, making it an excellent option for a closet. However, a barn door is a panel hanging on a bar above the door frame. The hardware extends beyond the doorframe, allowing the wood door to slide from side to side. The sliding effect is popular for people who prefer rustic yet trendy door styles. A pocket door slides and disappears into the wall into a pocket frame. It’s commonly used to maximize space & Bi-passing doors or sliding doors are common for closet applications.

Door Style

You can find many wood door styles from high-end door manufacturers like TruStile doors. Each type has many styles and materials to choose from, making the door selection process challenging with the numerous combinations available to consider.

Many people select wood doors designed with multiple panels for dimension. Veneer doors have thin hardwood material on their surfaces to provide a wood effect. An MDF door is a great budget option as well if you’re looking for paint grade doors and all door styles are also available in MDF.

You could also consider a wood door with a glass panel to give variety and elegance to some of your interior doors. You might want a metal material for your glass door frame and panel divider instead of wood or veneer for a more luxurious, elevated design look.

Color and Finish

Color is one of the most important visual aspects of the interior doors you select. When exploring which colors are most suitable for your house, consider the warm and cool tones in contrast with your other wood finishes such as flooring and cabinetry.

Floors and wood/glass doors go hand in hand with your interior design. The proximity of the two surfaces can improve or detract from the overall feel of your house.

For instance, light-colored floors make spaces feel airy and give them a rustic, spacious feel. Choosing the wrong color and type of door could minimize that effect. In this example, light-colored wood doors or doors with glass panels would create the most cohesive look.


A door’s material will determine its textures and their effect on nearby textures. For instance, a cherry or walnut wood door with a high polish will reflect light into a room, increasing its brightness. Installing a stylish area rug or carpet will prevent excessive brightness.

Dark walnut or mahogany doors without high shine could make rooms feel smaller due to the lack of light reflection. You could counteract the effect with bright flooring or light-colored furniture.

Core Type

The core refers to the depth of a wood door, affecting its durability and functionality.

Solid-core doors consist of wood and synthetic wood composites commonly known in the industry as MDF doors (Medium Density Fiber). They’re perfect for a bedroom, bathroom, or any area that sees constant traffic. Solid-core wood doors are up to 50% quieter than standard doors.

Most standard doors have a hollow core, which means they are lightweight and don’t have filling between each panel. They’re more suitable for closet spaces or pantries because they don’t offer sound dampening.

An MDF (medium-density fiberboard) core has more density than a particleboard. MDF doors have a wide range of applications because of their glued wood fibers. Like hollow-core doors, MDF doors are budget-friendly, stand up well to paint, and can give rooms a modern appeal.

Customize Your Interior Doors with TBS Design Gallery

Selecting the right interior door for your home will round out your interior design. However, if you prefer modern doors with optimal durability, beautiful finishes, and quality wood or glass materials, selecting stock doors on sale might not be ideal.

At TBS Gallery Design, we work with top manufacturers like LaCantina Doors, TruStile Interior Doors, and Euroline Doors and Windows to create custom, beautiful, sturdy doors with elegant thin frames. Our custom door design process is optimized for simplicity, allowing you to work with skilled architects and designers. You can choose the perfect interior doors for your property.

For custom interior doors with optimal beauty and function, look no further than TBS Gallery Design. Schedule your appointment today at (650) 416-8888.

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