October 14, 2020

La Cornue

If you have heard the name “La Cornue,” you have probably been amazed by the level of design and functionality of the kitchen’s most essential tool as interpreted by this remarkable company.

You might think that a kitchen range, hood or stove is just a basic appliance needed to fulfil a function. However, when the French do what they do best — aka cuisine in general — it becomes more than just an appliance. It is a piece of art and an icon of the French lifestyle!

Since 1908 La Cornue has been seeking to innovate and advance products that bring culinary dreams to life. To say it even more precisely, La Cornue exemplifies the Art of French Living. The ultimate pursuit of perfection and mastery in cooking technologies has made La Cornue one of the most desirable features of a high-end kitchen.

The story of La Cornue is more significant than the story of an average kitchen appliance. In 1908 in the heart of Paris, Albert Dupuy presented the world’s first-ever convection oven. The desire to take cooking to another level drove Dupuy to this development. The question “What does it really mean to cook?” became a driving force for innovation and eventually made La Cornue one of the world’s leading brands in high-end kitchen ranges and stoves.

We are proud to announce that we now represent La Cornue’s full product line. Partnership with La Cornue has put us on a different level in many ways. TBS is always seeking premium, high-end home brands that elevate everyday life and bring more ease and joy to people’s lives. Our product library is comprised of some of the most thought-out brands in the industry that help transform the most amazing design ideas into reality. We thrive on providing innovative design along with exceptional products to our clients. Representing La Cornue makes us confident we can offer the best of French country living to our clients.

La Cornue celebrates both the art and the science of cooking. Nothing is unimaginable with its perfectly designed and built range, hood and stove. Every detail serves the purpose of meeting and exceeding the most ambitious culinary challenges ever.

La Cornue is a dream come true for every chef and every person who cooks with their heart and soul. The exquisite La Cornue range or Cornufé stove that you select for your home provides a variety of meticulously crafted tools to help you create superb meals. It might seem almost intimidating to cook using an exquisitely beautiful piece of art; however, every detail in La Cornue’s products is made with the client in mind to make the experience efficient and enjoyable.

Each La Cornue Château is manufactured exclusively to order, individually assembled by a single artisan making each piece unique.

The artisanal nature of La Cornue's production approach makes it possible to meet any design challenge, whether to respect the constraints of a historic home or to integrate with a modern design.

When the artisan’s work is complete, the pride and pleasure of La Cornue owners are the company’s best ambassadors, and their praise it the greatest reward.

Château Suprême

Created by internationally recognized designer, Ferris Rafauli, Château Suprême (shown above) is a new interpretation of the French art of living in its most breathtaking version.



The Château Suprême hood has been designed to allow cooking with convenience while keeping the unique Art Deco signature of the range. Along with all the Château paint colors, the Suprême hood comes with an optional genuine leather finish.


The Grand Palais 180 kitchen range combines two large vault ovens — one gas and one electric — and boasts seven different rangetop configuration options.


Cornufé is for those who have high culinary standards but do not need the size and customization of the Château Series. This line comes in twelve colorful finishes to suit any palette.

More than just a range, the Cornufé is the symbol of joyful cuisine that is full of flavor. It is designed for easy maintenance and above all is the result of the passion of culinary art.

It is almost impossible not to fall in love with such an exquisite piece of art. Once you’ve experienced the craftsmanship of La Cornue, you won’t ever look at or think about kitchen appliances the same way.    

Being a La Cornue partner and dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area is a privilege. We are pleased to bring this opportunity to our clients who are seeking something different; something special; something elevated for their homes. We are happy to provide pricing for projects in the South Bay, Peninsula, San Francisco, North Bay, and Napa/Sonoma Wine Country markets.

We encourage you to make an appointment and visit our showroom to learn more about this magnificent product.

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