January 4, 2022

The Culinary Excellence of La Cornue

Discover the intersection of beauty, form, and function with La Cornue, the French appliance company that changed how society has approached cooking since its conception in 1908. Known as the designer of the first convection oven, Alpert Dupuy realized a better way to cook food beyond a few racks stacked over an open flame. When modern society was heating food to eat, Albert asked, what does it mean to cook? More than 100 years later, La Cornue is the gold standard of culinary excellence, and we are excited to represent the brand to our San Francisco Bay Area design trade community.


The Chateau series is the hallmark of the La Cornue brand. With approximately 8,000 configuration types that include various colors, sizes, and finishes, each range is crafted by hand just outside of Paris. The Chateau series comes in six sizes, from the Grand-Palais 180 (on display in our Santa Clara Design Gallery) to the Chateau 75.

(Grand-Palais 180 shown with optional spice rack and cabinet accessories)

The size of the range will dictate the cooktop options available. For the Grand-Palais 180, there are seven cooktop variations available. The Chateau 75, the smallest range configuration in the collection, has five configurations to select from. Generally speaking, there are six color groups offered for the Chateau series and the ability to develop a custom color range. Lastly, when it comes to trims, the Chateau series offers three trim packages with a total of 18 trim options available.

(Chateau 120 shown in Suzanne Kasler's Basilica Premium Color)

There is an additional Grand Chatelet 135 that is not shown on the website but is available. The key difference with the Chatelet is that it only comes available with a single oven and a warming drawer. The smaller body doesn't allow for the second oven as seen in the Chateau 150 and larger.


The CornuFe series offers the same timeless style of the Chateau series paired with the culinary standards of La Cornue but with fewer customization options. The trade-off here is a beautiful oven and cooktop experience at a more affordable price that is sometimes stocked domestically, depending on the selected configuration.

(CornuFe 110 with hood by others)

The CornuFe is offered in two sizes only. The CornuFe 90 Albertine (below) and CornuFe 110 (above). Each model has a single option for a gas or induction cooktop. Color and trim options are a bit more limited than the Chateau series due to the more mass-produced manufacturing of CornuFe. However, there is the ability to select a Chateau series color, but it will require an upcharge and additional lead times compared to the standard options available.

(CornuFe 90 Albertine)


The Flamberge Rotisserie is one of our favorite accessories for the kitchen and is perfect for slow-roasted meats, fish, and vegetables. The standard 30" rotisserie is available in matching color variations as the Chateau series, along with 13 trim options.


When it comes to hoods, La Cornue has a few options to accommodate the two ranges styles. There is a single Chateau Hood option with the coordinating color and trim selections as the range. The CornuFe 90 hood and CornuFe 110 hood come in matching color and trim choices as well.

(Chateau Hood)

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