August 31, 2018

LaCantina — Doors that Open Spaces

If you take a look at the latest remodeling and building trends you will see that large opening doors have become very popular. People crave easy indoor-outdoor transitions. Modern design seeks to bring homeowners closer to nature — to bring the outside in with the help of huge glass doors and windows. 

Manufacturers, working to stay one step ahead of customer demands, have been working on perfecting products, creating larger windows and doors with thinner lines that maintain a high energy performance rating. 

LaCantina is a pioneer in the manufacturing of large doors. The company's focus is on the development of perfect opening systems so, in spite of the size of the door or window, the homeowner doesn’t struggle to open it. 

LaCantina doors are designed and built in California. They have earned numerous awards in residential and commercial applications. LaCantina products have an industry-leading warranty, which makes them even more attractive for customers. 

LaCantina is famous for its bifold and multi-slide systems. These folding, sliding and swing doors are perfect for complete door packages. 

Bifold Doors

Known for its folding door systems, LaCantina is a pioneer in creating a one-of-a-kind product that sets the standard for style, function and performance. LaCantina uses the highest quality rolling hardware and frame designs, which provide smooth and effortless operation unmatched by other large opening door systems. Nothing can beat a LaCantina door in its capacity to span any size opening and to meet the demands of any project..

Multi-Slide Doors

An award-winning company, LaCantina has created a new class of multi-slide doors.Their multi-slide system was named one of the “Top 100 Products for 2018” by Professional Remodeler, the leading business publication for the remodeling and renovation market. Performance and strength of LaCantina’s high-end lift-and-slide door systems are combined with this product’s guarantee of value and functionality.

What else is LaCantina known for? 

Excellent customer service!

As noted by Lee Maughan, VP and General Manager of LaCantina:

"In addition to continued product development, LaCantina invests attention to detail in our staff development, which is essential to exceeding the industry standard for customer service. Training can include time on the production floor, learning the product manufacturing process, and onsite education for understanding the elements of a successful installation. Customer service representatives also engage in field training through a ride along with service technicians to further their knowledge base. All employees are cross-trained to ensure everyone understands how the company runs."

And at TBS Design Gallery we also strive to provide a one-of-a-kind customer experience. Together with our partners we create a strong team to help customers find the best products and services for their design-build projects. 

Live the LaCantina Life 


From providing general information, to guiding you through the selection process, to ordering and installation, our window and door specialists are ready to help.

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