March 8, 2023

Kitchen Remodeling: Your Guide to Luxury Finishes

If you dream of a luxury kitchen with high-end finishes, you don't need to buy a new house. You can transform a room in your current home to match your preferred style by adding the right luxury finishes that serve style and function.

A kitchen remodel can breathe life into an outdated or dull space, and TBS Design Gallery is here to help. Our Design Gallery, located in Santa Clara, CA, is the go-to destination for world-class home remodeling finishes, including custom cabinetry, lighting, and appliances. We know how to elevate a space using high-end finishes with a unique appeal.

Here are the best high-end finishes to consider for your luxurious kitchen remodel.

Custom Cabinetry

High-end custom cabinetry adds the luxury you're looking for in a custom kitchen design. Cabinetry takes up the most space and budget in your kitchen design project. Custom cabinetry allows you to maximize your kitchen space with the exact cabinetry you'd like by being able to design to the nearest 1/16th of an inch.

Inset cabinets provide a luxurious look with modern, clean lines. Inset cabinetry doors sit right inside the custom cabinet, providing a flush design aesthetic in your kitchen. Pairing your inset cabinets with custom inserts will provide the best functionality available for your new kitchen. From specialty knife holders in drawers to dish dividers, and lazy susans, there are dozens of ways to customize your kitchen cabinets to look and function exactly the way you want.

It’s becoming more popular to see two different cabinet finishes in the same kitchen. For example, you can have white uppers and be a little more daring in design with blue or green on the bottom cabinets.

Custom Countertops

Flat countertop surfaces have been the trend for a couple of decades now - replacing tile with a smooth continuous surface also provides an elevated design eliciting luxurious vibes. The trends in flat surfaces have shied away from granite and have moved towards quartz, quartzite, marble, glass, and cement. Let's look at the more popular luxury kitchen countertop material options.

Quartzite is a natural stone mined from the earth; in its original state, it's sandstone which is heated and pressurized to make quartzite. This provides exquisite natural colors and variations that reflect sunlight and ambient light beautifully. Quartzite is a great natural stone for your kitchen offering heat resistance and crack resistance.

Quartz is made by grounding quartzite finely and mixing it with polymers to create a flat surface using a mold that enables beautiful designs to be created. Quartz countertops come in different-sized thicknesses,  allowing you to create stunning profiles.

Marble is another luxury surface that is absolutely gorgeous, naturally heat resistant, and can be a surface you can use as an accent in your kitchen that doubles as a great surface for baking. Unfortunately, marble can be a bit finicky with certain liquids. You would not want your red wine or lemon juice to accidentally touch the surface as it will stain.

There are many luxury brands that carry stunning kitchen countertop design options. TBS Design Gallery features Dekton, Caesarstone, Silestone, and Cambria, to name a few. 

Create Luxury with Wood Flooring

One of the best luxury finishes in any home is wood flooring. Wood gives a kitchen a sense of warmth, charm, and comfort that homeowners often desire. Choose from various luxurious flooring options, such as:

Install Double Islands

A kitchen island is one of the best luxury finishes because it fills an open area while enhancing the room's functionality. If you have enough space in an open-concept kitchen, consider installing double islands to give your home a spacious feeling.

Dual islands will give any kitchen a dynamic layout and plenty of space to prepare your favorite meals. Options include having the range on one island and the sink on the other instead of putting both fixtures along a wall. Another option is to dedicate one of the islands as a countertop with comfy seating so guests and family can enjoy meals together. Make your home more luxurious by adding a built-in wine chiller under the countertop.

Choose a Luxurious Color Pallet

One of the best ways to make your home feel brighter and more spacious is through color. Neutral colors like beiges, whites, grays, and tans will give any space an open and airy feel.

Because these colors are neutral, you can easily add statement colors and patterns that complement the room's base color. For instance, you can add a colorful mosaic or brick-pattern backsplash under white wood cabinets or feature shades of gray with lighter or darker tones for your lighting fixtures, appliances, and hardware.

Create Softness with Dining Furniture

With all the hard surfaces and features in a kitchen, it's easy to overlook elements that add softness and texture. However, you can achieve that by adding upholstered dining chairs to your islands. Use patterned chairs in complementary colors to enhance the room.

Pay Attention to Every Kitchen Remodeling Detail

After picking the room's main features, such as furniture, appliances, and wall color, work on the finishing touches. To produce a cohesive layout for your kitchen, consider ways to enhance the focal point. Something as simple as the wrong color for kitchen towels can affect the room's visual appeal and connectivity between all of the elements inside the kitchen.

Here are simple ways to improve the most-used room in your home:

Contact TBS Design Gallery for the Best Interior Design for Your Dream Home

Incorporating luxury finishes into your dream home should start with the kitchen since it is the heart of the house. If you have ideas about combinations of high-end finishes to include in your home, contact the professionals at TBS Design Gallery. We proudly work with a team of designers, architects, and over 65 luxury brands and will add custom, high-quality finishes to your new home.

TBS Design Gallery has years of experience serving Bay Area customers. We know how to transform any building into a luxurious, high-end property. We assist with everything, from wood floor installations and custom cabinetry to hard surface designs. Our specialists can take any idea in your mind and make it a reality.

Contact us to learn more about a luxury kitchen partnership that works. Explore the TBS Design Gallery showroom's luxury finishes in Santa Clara today and call (408) 824-8888 to schedule a consultation.

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