October 9, 2018


If you are looking for windows and doors and you want something more —  an experience of building your dream home step by step, product by product, look no further than Marvin; their windows and doors are built around you!

Marvin is a leader in the window and door industry. Known to challenge standards and push the limits, every Marvin product is an example of lasting quality and beauty. 

Marvin’s windows and doors are designed to fit any creative idea. Each product is made to order so exclusivity is guaranteed. Even the most unimaginable designs are being transformed into real products. 

Marvin has been a pioneer in the industry since the very beginning, always looking for ways to improve windows and doors. 

The Marvin family of brands includes — Marvin, Integrity from Marvin, and Infinity, as well as the high-end interior door company, TruStile. 

High-quality materials are standard, not optional. Marvin provides the highest-quality wood species and exterior finishes so the beauty of your windows will last for years.

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty and comfort to get the best in energy efficiency. At Marvin, providing window and door options that will help control your long-term energy costs is a commitment. And as a market leader in energy-efficient windows and doors, Marvin offers more than 150,000 energy-efficient options, including numerous high-performance products that qualify for ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient rating and meet Passive House criteria.

Marvin’s attention to detail goes well beyond the product. Independent dealers like TBS Design Gallery are local experts available to you at every point of the window- and door-buying process. We are your trusted partner, ready to help you find inspiration, solve problems, and get the perfect windows or doors for your project. Our skillful window and door specialists are here to guide you and provide detailed information about each product. 

So let’s start designing your perfect windows and doors!

Marvin windows and doors have the power to transform the spirit of a room.

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