September 13, 2019


Over 25 years ago, a group of dedicated people with the passion for excellence came together and created a one-of-a-kind custom cabinetry brand — Premier. 

Premier exemplifies what it takes to preserve the craftsmanship of fine cabinet making while also being a cutting-edge innovator. As a leader of the industry, they continue to serve their customers, employees, and global community based on their original mission and unwavering values.

Defining True Customization

Truly custom cabinet making involves the ability to develop and build doors and drawers, source woods, lay up veneers, and create unlimited finish options. It means working with a variety of materials such as wood, metal, leather and glass. It also means having the design and manufacturing talent to create styles that include everything from traditional to sophisticated contemporary.

At Premier Custom-Built, all of this is possible and the design options are endless.


Excellence in execution ensures an excellent final product. Premier’s in-house construction team delivers products that endure the test of time, temperature and movement, and guarantees long-term product performance.

While Premier takes pride in how the joints work, they also strive to make them look great on exposed surfaces. Extremely functional and very beautiful joinery are the hallmark of the skilled craftsman at Premier.


Premier shines when it comes to finishes — mastering the color, feel and character necessary for your project. They pride themselves on having the most comprehensive finish capabilities and options in the cabinet and millwork industry.

To date, Premier has developed over 5,000 custom colors and effects, everything from extreme rustic to ultra contemporary — a true testament to the fact that with Premier any look is achievable.


If you ever dreamed of cabinetry that includes metal design details, Premier can make that dream come true. Today, the majority of Premier’s projects include metal in some form or fashion. In addition to working with solid metal, Premier also applies metal in a liquid form, called Pure Metal, which can be specified in a polished, brushed, or textured patina.

Whether you are looking for a simple accent piece, door inserts, or an entire project, Premier will meet all your metal needs.

Project Management & Engineering

Premier provides in-house project managing services, which means exclusive attention and care are given to each individual order. Their skillful team of project managers and engineers makes sure that product designs are implemented flawlessly. This kind of approach is unheard-of in the industry and once again sets Premier apart from competitors. The experience and knowledge of each team member combine to fuse the artistic vision of the designer with the engineering requirements of each custom-built order. 

Beautiful and Durable Outdoor Kitchens 

Premier’s high-performance cabinetry is loaded with features and benefits not found in other products. They have designed a waterproof thermoplastic cabinet case combined with a stainless steel face frame. The result is a product that is waterproof, weather-resistant, insect and varmint proof, easy to clean, and resistant to physical abuse. There isn’t another cabinet on the market with these product attributes. Stainless steel, powdercoat colors and textures, and a variety of decorative hardware options are included as design choices offered by Premier.

TBS Design Gallery has the honor to be among the select list of design professionals in the United States who represent Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry. Our showroom is home to this luxury product where you can see, touch, feel and experience Premier’s unique doors. 

Schedule a visit with one of our cabinetry specialists and learn more about Premier.

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