April 2, 2018

Process Makes Perfect!

Why TBS Design Gallery lives by our step-by-step project management process.


This is the question just about every client asks us, right up front.

P.S. We LOVE that question, it shows how smart our customers are!

Process matters.

Whether you are building from the ground up or remodeling a kitchen or bath, home improvement shouldn’t be a scary endeavor. Even when you hire competent trade professionals to help you with your project, sometimes mistakes or the inevitable changes made can undermine the project timeline and budget. It can be difficult to make key decisions you think you may regret later. 

Most folks don’t have the unlimited budget of the eccentric heiress Sarah Winchester. She famously built her “Mystery House” in San Jose for decades around the turn of the 20th century without a plan or even the intention of finishing the construction. The rest of us want to envision our dream home — and get it built and move in — on time and under budget.

That’s why you need a well-developed plan and the experienced professionals at TBS Design Gallery to guide you to make the right choices and get ready for move-in day.

The TBS Design Gallery 5-Step Process Plan is tailor-made to serve your specific needs and preferences. It is the handbook to help both you and TBS stay on the same page and manage your project better and smarter together.

We include our 5-Step Process Plan along with the proposal so you’ll know up front exactly what, how and when each phase will be done. 

Here’s a peek at what’s in the 5-Step Process Plan:


The Pre-Proposal phase is all about the client and is the foundation of everything else that follows. We get together with clients for the first time and do a lot of listening and learning to understand their lifestyle needs and to fully appreciate their vision for the project. We review any architectural plans to help us determine the suite of products and services the project requires, including brands and estimated budget.

At the conclusion of the Pre-Proposal phase, the client reviews and signs the “Design Fee Agreement.”

Next phase —


This is the team-building phase — bringing together interior designers, architects and homeowners, along with TBS, to discuss your project, communication strategy, product selection process and required permits. This way, all team members can ensure that everything stays within the preliminary budget. A key part of Discovery is establishing the scope-of-work and the project timeline.

Next phase —                           


After the initial meeting and all the team discussions through Pre-Proposal and Discovery, the TBS team now has a very clear vision for the project. In this phase the focus is on the actual design elements of the project. Clients are guided through the selection of materials and products by TBS’s qualified Product Management Specialists, who develop shop drawings and detailed material specifications to finalize cost and place orders with the manufacturers. At the end of the Design phase, building permits are scheduled and the scope of work is finalized.

Next phase —


Our Product Management Specialists are actively involved in the decisions and changes made by the interior designer and builder. This keeps the shop drawings up to date, the process running smoothly, and everyone pulling in the same direction. After placing the materials and product orders, the TBS team takes care of logistics, quality control and inspection.

TBS strives to provide a stress-free experience for the client. We do everything to make sure the project is completed and ready for move-in day.


The best evidence of our dedication to our clients is demonstrated by the Post–Completion care that is an ongoing part of our 5-Step Process Plan.

Our core values are based on building strong relationships by providing an excellent customer experience. That’s why we stand by our clients even after the project is completed. It’s important for every homeowner and every trade professional involved to feel well treated and supported by the TBS Design Gallery team. We are always available for maintenance help, follow-up services, and warranty issues, because often the unexpected happens.

For us at TBS Design Gallery, delivering quality is key. We know that homeowners, interior designers, builders and architects expect an outstanding experience when they come to us. Trust is the foundation of our business and we won’t compromise that at any cost.

Visit TBS Design Gallery and learn more in person.

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