May 20, 2019


Creating Healthy Spaces

Renson is the European trendsetter in the field of natural ventilation, outdoor solar shading, and outdoor products. They manufacture their high-grade products themselves in ultramodern production facilities. They test their products in the most extreme conditions until they arrive at a flawless end result, which enables Renson to provide their customers with guaranteed optimal quality. Their network of comprehensively trained ambassadors, which includes TBS Design Gallery, ensures excellent customer service, installation, and post-installation support. You will benefit from their professionalism, from start to finish.

Minimalist design

Renson’s products are highly innovative in both appearance and product design. Seamless integration of optional elements, concealed fixings, durable materials and smart solutions creates a perfectly finished product that will fit in with any type of home.

Endless personalization options

Their modular product design and choice of countless integrated options mean they can offer you a perfectly customized package. Personalized screens, a large choice of colors, sliding panels in various designs, glass walls, heating, and music, are just a few of the different options that will bring about a unique personal configuration.

The ultimate in ease of use and maintenance

Renson’s products are required to maintain their qualities for many years — day in, day out — in all weather and operate smoothly. That is why they are made of the highest-quality and most durable materials, which you will enjoy for many years with minimal maintenance.


Versatile solutions for your home

The Algarve Canvas has a slim aluminium structure. It is the ideal solution for a carport thanks to the fixed roof. Of course, you can also opt for a covering without a fixed roof.

Durable design

The fixed roof is made up of two layers: a solid upper roof made of lacquered, profiled steel sheeting with an anti-condensation coating, and an aesthetic lower roof, finished with a stretched canvas with zip technology, known for the Fixscreen® sun protection fabric in which Renson has long been a pioneer. The screen is tautly stretched in the structure, without any visible additional beams. It is available in eight colors.

All in the same look and feel

The style of a covering with a bladed roof above the terrace can also be perfectly extended into the overhang above the front door or the attached carport. In addition, you can perfectly compose a single-structure covering as desired, with one part consisting of a fixed roof and another part consisting of a bladed roof.

Façade Elements 

Give your home, garden, or business a clear and stylish look thanks to the Renson façade elements. Design, durability, and quality are three aspects that occur in all façade elements. The cladding for your outside wall can be completely invisible; screws or fastening elements are nowhere to be seen, even on curved façades. Your interior can also be clad in the same way with the façade elements of your choice. 

Choose the horizontal Linius or the vertical Linarte cladding for your façade, garage door, doors, etc. Your doorbell or mailbox can also be perfectly integrated into these façade elements. Or are you looking for façade elements that serve both as sun screens and privacy screens? Then go for our Loggia sliding panels.

For beautiful outdoor spaces that provide access to natural surroundings while protecting you from the elements and increasing the value of your home, consider the Renson line of products, built to last.

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