October 20, 2021

Renson Outdoor Structures

One of the most significant benefits of living in California is our ability to be connected with nature in our home environments. For years, we've been talking about incorporating indoor/outdoor living elements during home renovation or new construction builds. But that dialogue has been chiefly focused on opening up the home utilizing innovative windows and door systems. Now we can offer elegant architectural solutions like independent structures, cantilevered overhangs, or minimal profile awnings from Renson to discover what is possible when thinking outside the box.

Renson offers a wide variety of outdoor solutions and is known for its top-quality minimalistic design and customization capabilities. A few of our favorite product offerings for the Bay Area market include the Camargue, Camargue Skye, Algarve, Algarve Canvas, Aero, and Lapure collections.

CAMARGUE - Stylish Louvered Pergola

CAMARGUE SKYE - Pergola with a Retractable Roof

ALGARVE - Louvered Pergola

ALGARVE CANVAS - Pergola with a Fixed Roof

AERO - Add-on Pergola with Louvers

LAPURE - Designer Pergola with a Retractable Awning

Come see our new Renson Camargue display in our gallery!

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