April 26, 2023

Designing the Ultimate Spa Bath Remodel

Your primary bath should be a peaceful sanctuary. A place you enjoy kicking your day off from and a space you love coming home to relax and rejuvenate in. Let us help you design a luxurious spa ambiance in your bathroom to practice self-care.

All you need are a few ideas, a detailed plan, and help from the leading home design studio in Santa Clara, CA.

TBS Design Gallery specializes in creating luxury spaces, like at-home spa bathrooms. We are the ultimate solution for high-end home improvements, thanks to our partnerships with top designers, architects, and brands like Renson, La Cantina, and Premier Custom Cabinets.

Our team only uses the highest-quality materials and superior craftsmanship to create anything, from an opulent living room to a luxurious spa bathroom featuring your personal style.

For more ideas to enhance your home with the addition of a high-end spa, consider these design features.

Tub and Shower Essentials

The modern free-standing tub and shower space is an essential element of any spa bath remodel. A luxury bathroom should have a bathtub where you can relax with a long soak after a tough day. Free-standing tubs are stunning in design, from round soaking tubs to angular, oval, colored, and jetted. There are many gorgeous options available.

You can enjoy a nice shower when you're not relaxing in a soaking tub inside your home's spa-like bathroom. A serene shower experience can start with a steam shower with a built-in bench. However, if you have a small bathroom that can't accommodate separate shower walls, you can install rainfall shower heads to the bathtub. This will allow you to experience a spa-like feel even if you don’t have a ton of space.

Designing your shower walls is as fun and important as any part of the luxury bath design process. Do you want a sprawling single-surface look or ornate details on one wall and simple stone on another? Our professional designers know which stones are porous and absorb water versus those that are easier to maintain. The designers will guide you through avoiding stones that have water-activated minerals that change the stone color and products that are easier to maintain.

Custom Cabinetry

Any beautiful spa oasis will have top-of-the-line custom cabinetry to hold all your bathroom essentials in convenient storage solutions; this includes custom inserts and holders for your blow dryer, styling wands, and make-up. Cabinetry for your robe, slippers, and towels. A place for everything and everything in its place to keep your beautiful new bathroom tidy, relaxing, and free from clutter.

There are many cabinet styles, wood finishes, stains, paint colors, and more to choose from when designing your custom vanity in your spa-like primary retreat. Consider the soothing aesthetic you seek when selecting these custom cabinet options.

Bathroom Countertops

Luxury speaks for itself, and that's precisely how to design your primary retreat's countertops. Some beautiful quartzite and quartz countertops are available in absolutely breathtaking colors and veining options. Both quartz and quartzite play friendly with water and moisture, ensuring your new oasis is easy to maintain.

You might not contemplate  countertop edging when it's not your occupation to design spaces. However, it’s worth considering that you can have a thicker edge to connote even more luxury and have angled edges or a designed edge,

Bathroom Flooring

The flooring in your spa-like bathroom is just as important as every other detail. You want to be sure you have the proper material for your bathroom so that it lasts for years.

Consider radiant heated floors for those cold mornings. Technology advances have made this flooring much more affordable and appealing; from pre-set times to app-based management, you can have the floors heated before you wake up or get home.

Other flooring options include,e broad scrolling patterned or larger format tiles to emulate a single surface feel. You can also combine these to add texture or color which will offer more vibrancy to your spa bathroom.

Upgraded Toilets

Everything in a spa bathroom should display luxury and comfort, including the toilet. Upgrade your commode by installing a heated toilet seat to avoid touching cold porcelain on chilly mornings.

A bidet attachment is another prime toilet upgrade. You can enjoy the ultimate cleanliness with a bidet's self-cleaning spray with adjustable pressure. The attachment is discreet and won't negatively affect the aesthetics of the space.

Spa-Like Bathroom Lighting

Lighting will help the space feel bright, spacious, calming, or any other mood you wish to experience inside your bathroom. Lighting creates ambiance, so you will want your spa bathroom to have various options for different occasions.

For instance, consider using natural light from a window if you prefer a brighter room. However, most spas use low lighting to help clients feel calm and relaxed. You can mimic this effect by installing a light dimmer and/or window shades.

Other ways to create ambient lighting include:

Finishing Touches for a Luxury Spa Primary Bathroom

It's essential to pay attention to all of the details when building your perfect spa bathroom. The bathroom should be serene yet functional. However, incorporating the right finishing touches can add to the room's luxury and appearance.

Soothing Color Palette

Color plays a significant role in a spa bathroom. Wallpaper is in right now - consider using it in your bathroom remodel. A calming color on most of your walls and one accent wall featuring stone or wallpaper can give you  the ambiance you might be looking for  in a spa bathroom.

Gold accents also elevate your design; consider your cabinet pulls, sconces, and candle holders.

Natural materials like wood can add to the room's warmth and calmness. Add rich wood tones by installing floating shelves featuring soothing candles, bath accessories, and washcloths. 


Give your bathroom a modern touch with fashionable mirrors. Instead of a simple square or rectangular mirror with sharp edges, use rounded, arched, or even circular mirrors. The rounded edges will add softness to the bathroom.

Decor and Accessories

Complete your bathroom with your favorite spa decor. Replacing ordinary accessories with beautiful, elevated options will make your bathroom appear more refined.

Trade dull plastic soap dispensers and other containers for grooming materials like cotton balls and shampoo with luxurious countertop accessories made of glass or ceramic.

You can also invest in a heated towel rack and bathtub tray.

Get Started with Your Luxury Spa Bathroom Remodel with TBS Design Gallery 

When you're ready to begin your  bathroom remodel, turn to the professionals at TBS Design Gallery. We will use our expertise to create the perfect spa bathroom while incorporating your ideas and specific elements. We will guide you through the entire remodel process, which includes the pre-proposal, design, and implementation phases.

Our team of designers, architects, and high-quality brand partners have plenty of experience working on design-build projects. Request your free design consultation with TBS Design Gallery in Santa Clara, CA, today by calling (408) 824-8888.

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Designing the Ultimate Spa Bath Remodel
Your primary bath should be a peaceful sanctuary. Let us help you design a luxurious spa ambiance in your bathroom to practice self-care.