August 3, 2018

Superior Steel

Windows and doors are often overshadowed by other design elements in a space. But if you think about the impact every window and door has on a house — interior or exterior — you will realize how important it is to pay close attention to your choice of materials and design. 

Think about how often you open and close windows, how often you use every door — and how important it is they are made with materials meant to last.

When it comes to durability, nothing can beat steel. 

Steel is very strong — three times stronger than aluminum — an alternative material often used in the construction of windows and doors. Steel window and door frames can sustain the weight of bigger, heavier panes of glass, providing more design options than other weaker materials.

You don’t have to think twice when it comes to steel windows and doors. Architects use them for almost every type of building because steel is perfect for every structure.

Here are some of the reasons why professionals love to work with steel:

Steel windows can offer very narrow sight lines because of their strength. This isn’t often possible when using other materials such as wood, UPVC, and aluminum.

Steel is also versatile. Whether you’re talking about a traditional building or a modern office, steel windows and doors will always look elegant and sleek while blending right into the structure. Their versatility allows them to be used in many building structures, ranging from churches to preschools, hospitals to retail stores, industrial factories to the comfort of your very own home!

Steel windows and doors live forever. Some steel windows in Europe, for example, are more than a full century old — and they still look as beautiful as the day they were built. Even here in the USA, there are steel windows that have survived more than three generations, before ultimately getting replaced, usually because the glass or the area surrounding the steel frame gets damaged (rather than the actual frame itself).

They have a high fire safety rating. Steel is a durable, noncombustible, fire-resistant material.That’s one of the biggest reasons steel is often used in office buildings. There are many fire-rated designs available for purchase, and this is an important feature to consider in addition to the aesthetics and durability of the material.

While all window and door options each have their pros and cons, there’s no better choice than steel for strength, durability, and fire safety. And Euroline Steel Windows and Doors provides the most amazing design solutions in the most unimaginable scales.

TBS Design Gallery is proud to offer customers Euroline products and to provide installation services. Our window and door specialists will guide you through the design process and provide estimates. So don't hesitate! Book your appointment now.

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