July 12, 2019

“The World of Reynaers” Debuts in TBS Design Gallery

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Reynaers Aluminum – North America Announces the North American Debut of “The World of Reynaers” Digital Experience within the TBS Design Gallery Showroom!

June 20th, 2019 | Reynaers Aluminum – North America a leading provider of innovative, sustainable, and high quality architectural window and door solutions, today announced the North American debut of “The World of Reynaers” within the TBS Design Gallery showroom located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

“The World of Reynaers,” a proprietary software, is a real time visualization platform that explores different window and door product solutions, opening configurations and color options through dynamic 3D models, including a contemporary residence, a modern dwelling, and a traditional farmhouse.

“Reynaers is not only a product innovation leader within the window and door industry but also a digital pioneer within the building sector,” commented Lori Schock, CEO of North America. “We continually push boundaries to help architects, designers, and homeowners reduce time and simplify efforts required to move projects from conceptual design to completion through our comprehensive suite of tools.”

The TBS Design Gallery is an innovative design showroom equipped with the newest products and technology. The entire layout of our showroom is intended to be a “playground” for architects, interior designers, contractors and homeowners to get practical ideas and solutions for their next home project. “The World of Reynaers’ digital experience is no exception.” says Mamuka Grigolia, founder of TBS Design Gallery. “We are excited to now offer Reynaers aluminum window and door product solutions. TBS Design Gallery provides a holistic approach to sourcing windows and doors, including installation services and post-completion support. We are a partner every step of the way throughout the project process.” 

About TBS Design Gallery

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, TBS Design Gallery is a lifestyle showroom. We take the trust our customers place in us very seriously; we are committed to deliver results to guarantee a project's success.

To do so we have created a very successful process plan that helps everything move smoothly and keeps communication clear. Our specialists work closely with architects, designers, and homeowners throughout the entire project process, including pre-proposal, discovery, design, implementation, and post-completion.

TBS Design Gallery is a one-stop shop for cabinetry, windows, doors, and specialty home solutions.

Courtesy of Reynaers Aluminum Windows and Doors
About Reynaers Aluminum – North America

Reynaers Aluminum began operations within the North American market in late 2014 with its US headquarters located in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has sales presence across the US and Canada, including the East and West Coast, South Region and Mountain States, working with a vast network of reputable dealers, fabricators, installers, architects, and builders within North America.

Reynaers’ US portfolio of products includes highly insulated and innovative aluminum windows, swing doors, pivot doors, folding doors, sliding systems, and window and curtain wall systems along with a wide range of complementary products.

Reynaers' products are designed in Europe and well-crafted in America.

About Reynaers’ Products:

Reynaers Aluminum is part of the Reynaers Group, which has designed cutting-edge glazing solutions for some of the most iconic buildings in the world. Engineered without compromise, the range of aluminum glazing products is specified by some of the world’s leading architects and construction companies. Founded in 1965, Reynaers currently employs over 2,200 people in 40 different countries with exports to more than 70 countries on five continents. The company, with headquarters in Duffel, Belgium, achieved an annual turnover of nearly $600M in 2018.

Courtesy of Reynaers Aluminum Windows and Doors

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