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Experience Your Home Renovation Ideas Like Nowhere Else

We designed our showroom with you in mind!  The entire layout of our showroom is intended to be a 'playground' for interior designers, contractors and homeowners to get practical ideas and solutions for your next home renovation project.

"We build our relationships on trust and take them very seriously. Homeowners and professionals coming to our gallery should think about us as their partners who provide installation/project management support and provide information, resources, and services. Our commitment is that every project completed here is a success," Mamuka Grigolia, Founder of TBS Design Gallery.

Our commitment is that every project completed here is a success!
— Mamuka Grigolia, Founder of TBS Design Gallery

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, TBS Design Gallery is an innovative design showroom equipped with the newest products and technology. As such, your experience at our design showroom will breathe life into your project specifications and help you make informed product decisions based on seeing/touching/feeling our numerous product choices.

"When it comes to showroom design the first thing that comes to mind is sample display. But we wanted to take a step ahead and create a different experience for our customers, an experience that they won't find anywhere else," shared Grigolia.

Safety & One-Stop Shop Design Showroom in Silicon Valley

“Having an exclusive hands-on experience choosing the best design-build products in one place is a luxury, and we are proud to be creators of this amazing place" said Grigolia.

TBS Design Gallery is a one-stop-shop for design-build projects where you feel safe from the moment you enter the gallery.  The feeling of safety comes from the comfortable atmosphere created inside the showroom, and of course, from friendly and fun staff members.

As a homewoner, remodeling can be very stressful, especially if you don’t know where to start and what to expect. We help you hire professionals, choose the products you need and  offer detailed guidance and installation project management to always ensure successful results.

We want our customers to understand that we are here to help them at any stage of their project. Whether they need assistance with a full-house project,  or are looking for windows and doors, our specialists are always happy to help.

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Access to Highest Quality Home Renovation Products

We firmly believe that design matters!
— Mamuka Grigolia, Founder of TBS Design Gallery

By partnering with some of the well-known manufacturers from the country and worldwide, TBS Design Gallery offers a wide range of high-end home building materials. "We make our mission a priority and always seek for the best possible design-build products and tools, so our customers find what they are looking for right here in our gallery,"  said Mamuka Grigolia, Founder of TBS Design Gallery.

Our premium quality samples are displayed in a "Product Library," making selection a comfortable and enjoyable process. From custom cabinetry, windows, doors, countertops, flooring, and more, you can find everything in one place saving you time and energy.

“We firmly believe that design matters! We know that custom-designed places create more happiness.  This is because design tailors a space to your personalities and needs and increases flow and productivity,"  said Grigolia.


Along with being a high-end innovative design showroom, TBS Design Gallery provides co-working spaces for industry professionals.

If you are a designer, architect or builder, you can think about TBS Design Gallery as an extension of your office where you can bring your clients for product selection or ask for any assistance from qualified specialists. Here you have resources to book your client appointments through the website, as well as host a meeting, conduct a training, and, best of all, you have the privilege of getting early access to the newest product samples and promotions.

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