What Defines Custom Cabinetry?

An example of Wood-Mode custom cabinets

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Before we jump into the explanation that defines custom cabinetry, let’s clarify that every topic chosen for a blog post comes right from our customers’ questions, concerns and interests. 

We hear clients asking, “What defines custom?”  And that is why we are writing this post – and going into details of the manufacturing process. 

We have noticed that sometimes even the word “custom” can be quite intimidating just because it is stigmatized for being overpriced.  But if you are interested in looking deeper and learning more about the manufacturing process from the beginning to the end, your questions and doubts will disappear.  

Let’s see what options do you have when it comes to cabinetry.

In general, there are three different categories:

Stock is manufactured using standard measurements and style. 

Semi-custom has higher quality and more design options than stock but is still very limited compared to custom. 

Custom is the most exclusive and personal style, as it is made for you, and built around your needs and preferences.  Therefore, custom cabinetry is unique in size, color, shape and finish and can be anything you want with the details you desire.

At TBS, we are proud to be hosts of over 40 custom home solution products, including very high-end cabinetry lines, one of which is Wood–Mode custom cabinetry. 

The secret of Wood-Mode’s durability and exquisite look lies in its manufacturing process.

It’s all about kiln drying, because the longevity of cabinetry and its ability to hold up to daily wear and tear, lie in the manufacturing process. 

Wood-Mode’s cabinet longevity begins with selecting only the most premium woods. The wood is specially dried in kiln ovens multiple times to remove or add moisture as needed. It prevents your cabinetry from shrinking or expanding. It also ensures that finish will be applied properly and will not deteriorate. That is one of the reasons Wood-Mode is known among interior designers for having the most durable and long lasting finishes. 

Wood-Mode custom cabinetry is built to be tough as nails, but never compromises on its aesthetically exquisite finishes, which come with a lifetime guarantee. 

During the finishing process wood is hand-sanded and oven-baked multiple times. Then, extensive hand sanding is performed and followed by spray-on application. 

The wood is then wetted to enhance the grain and promote deeper colors, followed by applying a hand-wiped stain. Uniform color is achieved by toning and spray-staining the wood. Next, wood is baked again before a catalyzed sealer is applied, a hand-sealer is sanded on, spec distressing done and matte or standard sheen varnish is sprayed on to create lasting durability and beauty. 

Next, a catalyzed oven-baked varnish top coat with ultraviolet screen inhibitors is put on to provide maximum resistance to scuffing, moisture, fading from UV rays and most household chemicals. Surfaces are cleaned, an optional glaze is hand-wiped on, and final finish coat is administered. The wood is baked one last time to seal everything in, followed by a final coat of finish. Lastly, a meticulous hand-buffing process is followed to create the smoothest, richest patina imaginable for your custom cabinetry. 

After this excessive practice, you have the toughest, hardest and most beautiful finish possible. 

So, next time you are told from another showroom or local cabinetry shop that they can make anything custom for you, take time to research and ask what they mean by “custom”. It will help you to avoid expensive mistakes. 

Now enjoy this video of “1000 Touches: Wood-Mode Handcrafted Cabinetry”.  

What makes Wood-Mode unique is the people and the time-honored techniques they infuse in every detail throughout the cabinet's journey from raw wood to polished furniture finish. As a family-owned business, the American-made Wood-Mode brand is carefully managed to utilize benefits of modern technology while preserving the time-honored techniques.