Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

An Evening of Creative Collaboration!

June 20th, 2019

TBS Design Gallery in partnership with LUXE Interiors + Design hosted an incredible panel discussion - Seamless Modern Design Opening Up Indoor Outdoor Harmony with Windows and Doors. The Bay Area’s most prominent Architects, Interior Designers and Builders shared their vision about the most popular trends in design-build industry. Audience was indulged into an engaging discussion about how important it is to create seamless and flawless transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces, the ways of creating easy openings, the importance of a technology and innovation in construction industry and the future of it. Panel discussion was followed by a presentation introducing “World of Reynaers” a Digital Configurator Software that is a real time 3D immersive experience helping to better communicate Reynaers products while assisting in the product selection process.

Moderator: MARY JO BOWLING (Homes Editor - Luxe Interiors + Design)

Panel: CYNTHIA SPENCE (Principal - Cynthia Spence Designs)

SEAN MISSKELLEY (Managing Director - Conrado Home Builders)

MALIKA JUNAID (Co-Founder and Principal - M.Designs Architects)

LORI SCHOCK (CEO - Reynaers Aluminium North America)