Luxury Kitchen Appliances With an Eye for Design

Incorporating luxury kitchen appliances will elevate your  room and make it aesthetically appealing. The benefits don’t end there. High-end appliances from the top brands could also enhance  your home culinary experience and provide convenience and confidence that other home appliances cannot match.

TBS Design Gallery understands the appeal of incorporating a handful of luxury brands into your modern kitchen design. As a leading home design studio in the Bay Area, we offer custom kitchen design solutions that include two of the best appliance brands available.

If you like the sound of a stunning new kitchen with specialty appliances, consider our handy appliance buying guide below.

Luxury Appliance Brands We Work With

TBS Design Gallery works closely with two prominent brands for home appliances: Miele and La Cornue.

As an industry leader since 1899, Miele still embodies its "Immer Besser" or "Forever Better" motto by standing above the competition. Its success is due to Miele's manufacturing process, which ensures rigorous testing to provide the best reliability. The company also has a reputation for incorporating technology into everything from induction cooktops to refrigerators for maximum convenience with minimal energy consumption.

La Cornue is another exceptional luxury brand for kitchen appliances. Founded in 1908, this French manufacturer specializes in superior ranges that exude luxury and facilitate precision cooking. Its skilled specialists craft every appliance by hand using quality materials like copper, brass, and steel.

Luxury Appliances From Miele To Consider for Your Kitchen

Miele offers an impressive range of home appliances. However, if you want a luxurious feel in the kitchen, take a look at installing the following items:

H 7840 BMX Handleless Microwave Combination Oven

If you're looking for built-in home appliances, consider Miele's H 7840 BMX. The handleless microwave and oven combination features a seamless design with automatic functions. It blends microwave and oven cooking to create perfect results for all meals.

The H 7840 BMX incorporates technology to make cooking meals and cleaning the appliance entirely user-friendly. The equipment has a large touch display with movement sensors that respond to your approach in several ways, like automatically turning on the interior lighting or shutting off the buzzer switch.

Other features include:

KF 2981 Vi MasterCool FrenchDoor Refrigerator

Another built-in appliance worthy of a stunning modern kitchen is the KF 2981 Vi MasterCool FrenchDoor Refrigerator. Its high-end design includes a spacious refrigerator and freezer with a convenient push-to-open function. As a MasterFresh refrigerator, you can be confident of food staying fresher for longer in, even in California’s humidity.

EVS 7010 Handleless Built-in Vacuum Drawer

Keep foods fresher longer and embrace sous-vide cooking with the EVS 7010 handleless built-in vacuum drawer from Miele. This incredible feature offers professional vacuum sealing for food, including the following:

Use the vacuum drawer to marinade meats or seal mason jars. It's also perfect for portioning meals in space-saving packaging.

Professional Cooking Equipment From La Cornue for Your Home

The expert craftsmen from La Cornue regularly add new styles to their luxury kitchen appliances. Here are some of the brand’s most notable designs:

Flamberge Rôtisserie

The Flamberge Rôtisserie is a beautiful piece of roasting equipment for preparing meat, fish, poultry, whole vegetables, and fruit dishes. The state-of-the-art roaster functions as a wall oven, slowly rotating two spits or roasting inside an encased fish basket. Its steel and cast iron structure make it a highly durable gas-fueled addition to any luxury food preparation area.

Château Suprême by Ferris Rafauli

One of the most luxurious kitchen appliances from La Cornue is its Château Suprême by Ferris Rafauli. This world-renowned designer successfully combined two range styles to create a stunning range cooker. The luxury product’s most beautiful additions include two warming cabinet modules and a specially designed cooktop with a walnut chopping block.

Other features include:

Cornufé 90 Hood

A classic wall chimney hood is always in style. The Cornufé 90 Hood easily handles exhaust smoke and cooking smells. It also includes the following:

Creating a feeling of opulence in the kitchen depends on setting the tone through visual effects. This range hood provides optimal lighting over the cooktop with three intense 20W halogen lamps, which means you can be flexible about the lighting in the room without compromising precision during the cooking process. These specialty appliances also come in a variety of colors.

Install A Full Range of Cutting-edge Cooking Appliances With TBS Design Gallery

From deep fryers to cooktops, premium quality kitchen appliances in a custom-designed kitchen can perfect the aesthetic and enhance your cooking and dining experience.

If you would like kitchen or dining room inspiration to breathe life into your ideas, chat with TBS Design Gallery. Our skilled designers work closely with high-end appliance brands like Miele and La Cornue for superior performance that looks phenomenal in any modern home.

Contact TBS Design Gallery at (650) 416-8888 today for luxury kitchen appliances and more in Santa Clara, CA.

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