February 17, 2020

The Biophilic Way of Living

The Architecture of Life

Recent trends in green architecture show that professionals and homeowners are actively exploring biophilic design ideas. Why? This building method has multiple benefits — mental, physical and environmental. 

What Is the Biophilic Method? 

The architecture of life — otherwise known as the Biophilic Method — is a way of designing and building spaces where we live and work in a way that is beneficial for our well-being by blending indoors and outdoors seamlessly. Biophilic design marries nature and architecture, bringing harmony to your home. 

The idea that it is important to stay connected to nature is now a widely-held concept, but it is not always an explicit goal in building design. But TBS agrees that architectural structures designed to connect people with nature are healthier spaces. More sunlight and fresh airflow along with beautiful views contribute to a more natural environment. You may have noticed modern office spaces often have open floor plans filled with plants — living walls that bring the whole garden inside. Biophilic design can even have the added benefit of increasing people’s productivity level

There are different ways to design and build environmentally-conscious structures. Modern architecture and design are exploring larger openings and massive, moving glass walls that eliminate bulky sight lines and blind corners. Every home-build or remodeling project that comes to us starts with a discussion around windows and doors. We see an increasing number of homeowners wanting to tear down walls to expand views and bring as much of the outside in as possible. 

Manufacturers around the world are conducting research to better understand the demands of a biophilic design approach. Results of those studies have sparked the creation of highly innovative products with thinned corners and systems to facilitate easy indoor-outdoor transitions, creating one big living space. 

“Being close to nature and feeling the connection on a very fundamental level contributes to collective well-being. Homeowners understand that and are willing to transform their existing spaces or build brand new homes to accommodate large glass windows and doors.”
— Mamuka Grigolia, CEO/Founder, TBS Design Gallery

What does the future of architecture hold for us? More glass, more openings, more design of products focused on creating buildings that harmoniously blend into their natural surroundings.

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